Build your own Saddle Pad with #18 corners- wool

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Corner Details:

  • Leather color: Turquoise
  • Buckstitch color: White

How build your own pad works?

-Select sizing, type and thickness.

-Select Bar leather ( long area of saddle pad) to your liking.

-From there corners are sent to Best Ever where they sew your saddle pad to your liking and ship.


The OG Pad Is Ideal For:

  • Everyday riding: From everyday leisure riding to ranch work, the arena, or performance events the OG is an all-purpose saddle pad is great for work and play.
  • Barrel Racing and Gymkhana: The OG Wool Saddle Pad is perfect when you need a saddle pad that provides comfort in events with precise and controlled movements.
  • Team Roping and Ranch Rodeo: The OG Pad is great for quick, timed events, where it’s durability and compression protection benefit both horse and rider.

OG Saddle Pad Thickness:

  • The 3/4” pad is ideal for round back horses and trail riding or performance events like barrel racing, team penners, cutters, and reiners.
  • The 1” pad is great for average to high withered horses and everyday riding/trail riding or performance events like barrel racers, team penners, cutters and reiners. 


The Kush pad is perfect for:

  • Everyday riding: the Kush Wool Saddle Pad for horses is perfect for everyday work, from the ranch to the arena.
  • Trail and Leisure Riding: The Kush Wool Saddle pad are perfect for leisure riding, the 1.25” allows for extra cushion if needed.
  • Barrel Racing and Gymkhana: Perfect for performance and training, the Kush Wool Saddle Pad provides comfort and strength for rigorous arena riding.
  • Team Roping and Ranch Rodeo: The Kush Wool Pad is durable and resistant enough to stand up to roping and ranch rodeo events. 

Kush Saddle Pad Thickness:

  • The 3/4” pad is ideal for horses that are more round back.
  • The 1” pad is perfect for everyday use, trail riding, arena work, and more. For horses with broad shoulders we recommend the 1” pad.
  • The 1.25” pad provides extra cushion when needed, great for Roping, trail riding where extra cushion is needed, and sway back horses.