Meet The Maker

Hi friend, Im Cara! I started Desert Rose Equine on my kitchen table while on maternity leave. In 2014, I could never have imagined where this business would lead to. I was the pioneer of designed stirrups in the industry, but I had my sights on leatherwork. I practiced on the side for two years and perfected our designed leather technique. I wanted DRE to go above and beyond tack on the market. Some might call us modern, but I feel like each piece we make tells a story.

Little more…

Outside of my work at Desert Rose Equine, my passions are my family, riding horses and reading a good book. I'm often called an old soul, so it's not surprising that I love classic literature and vintage floral prints.

The Journey so far. . .

Desert Rose Equine has grown a ton over the years. We offer both custom work and curated batches of in stock goods.

We're small, but mighty. Our sights our set on hiring artisans locally, as well as collaborating with artists across the USA. We want to keep DRE handcrafted and American made.

We believe in
small batches, fair wage goods [USA made] and artisan craftmanship.

Cara's Current Favorites:

Large Centerplate


This will ALWAYS be on my favorites list. I designed this pattern to match my Grandma's China plate collection. I also love royal blue on
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Large Centerplate


My newest Favorite is Maeve. I've been heavily influenced by novels I read lately. This one screams fairy to me.
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