Care Information

-Sweat is your leathers worst enemy. It can weaken your leather overtime and erode your hardware. Clean tips:

  • wipe down hardware with damp cloth. Qucik tip: Water wipes are a easy way to quickly get dust off of hardware. Follow by drying off with towel.
  • DRE printed leathers can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • For leather sections, use saddle soap or leather conditioners. Note: always test first! Leather may darken.

- Leather does not do well in excessive moisture and direct sunlight

  • store in a dry place (preferably warm in winter). We recommend bridle/tack bag to keep out of elements.
  • leather will darken overtime with age and use!

Conchos will and can unsrew overtime.

  • Check your screws on a regular basis.
  • Quick tip: for more permanent solution use clear nailpolish in screwchamber or loctite. Remember this will make you unable to unscrew or change conchos out in future.

Fringe care tips

  • Fringe is leather, so it will not always lay perfectly straight. If you would like to straighten it slightly damp and lay flat on table.
  • If fringe gets overly wet or is exposed frequently to sweat/dirt it will harden.
  • remove any dirt, sweat, or debris from your fringe breast collar. Use a soft brush or cloth to gently wipe away any surface dirt. Use mild soap or leather cleaner. ONCE AGAIN, PLEASE TEST on small area.

Care Info