Best Ever Pad Info

Best Ever Pads do pad consultations! Please email us at if your having difficulties deciding on a pad that fits you and your horses needs.

The Kush Collection
The Kush Collection is made from 100% high-quality, washed and pressed wool that is 136 ounces per square yard. It is durable and resistant to compression, yet soft and flexible. Properties of this pad allow it to absorb moisture, which aides in removing heat from the horse’s back. This pad is light gray in color, and comes in 1.25″, 1″ or 3/4″ thickness options.
1.25″ Thickness Pad
• Protection and compression prevention at it’s finest. Highly recommended for team ropers, and horses with high withers that need extra protection.
1″ Thickness Pad
• This is a great all around pad. Solid, durable protection for any level of performance horse. Recommended for team ropers, cutters, reiners, and performance horses.
3/4″ Thickness Pad
• Great lightweight pad, without sacrificing protection or comfort. Recommended for barrel racers, trailer riders, and team penners.

Deluxe Options
• Fleece Lining // Creates an especially soft feel for added comfort, with more shock absorption, and even better moisture wicking ability.
• Neoprene Lining // Shock absorbing as well as being anti fungal and antibacterial, it won’t absorb sweat, and is easy to clean.

The BHS Series
• The BHS Series adds a 3/8″ closed-cell foam insert to help distribute saddle pressure over the bars of the saddle, and reduce the breakdown of the pad over the bars. This pad is great for high withered horses and poor saddle fit. This layered design is great for an every day work pad and is designed for lasting wear. Pair it with a 1″ or 3/4″ wool base pad for a great all day cowboying pad, or try it paired with a 1/2″ felt for what we like to call our “1D Lite,” designed with the barrel racer in mind.
The Cadillac Series
• The Cadillac Series adds a 3/8″ closed-cell foam insert throughout the bars of the saddle, and an additional 1/4″ closed-cell foam insert placed strategically over the shoulders. It helps prevent the pad from collapsing in the area behind the shoulders by offering extra support. A great pad for team ropers, calf ropers, steer ropers and performance horses. Also recommended for senior and high withered horses.