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Build Your Owns

Tack that tells a story . . .

At Desert Rose Equine, we feel like our tack tells a story. There is no better way to tell your own story like building your own tack piece. We know making your perfect piece takes time and thought, so we have compiled important details just for you. We're also happy to answer any questions you may have.

How do I order?

Years prior we offered open ordering on build your own leather goods , but we've now switched our model to small batches.  

What is small batches? 
Small batches are taking limited orders on customized leather goods. We take orders by opening them on a specified date and then book out our calendar based on our availability.  

What is the benefit of this style of ordering?
We know, we know. You see something and want to order it ASAP. I totally can relate. While I wish we had the man power to have open orders, our small staff just couldn't handle the large intake of orders while under open ordering. Remember, we're 100 percent handcrafted. So you want to hear the benefit of small batches?
- Less wait time once you secure a spot. We use to book 3-4 months in advance.
- More creative freedom allows us to develop new designs and products.
-Time to make stock leather goods.

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Pricing for Tack Sets and breastcollars

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Halters & Bronc Nosebands

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