Frequently Asked Questions


What is your turn around time for stirrups?

Typically it takes 2-3 weeks for made to order stirrups. Depending on how many orders we have, supplies needed for your order, and any designing that needs done our turnaround time may vary. You may receive them sooner or later then expected. While we do our best to stay on time, please be mindful when ordering of our turnaround. If your waiting something by a specific date please contact us. 

What is your stirrup warranty?

1 year damage warranty on us.  
How durable are your stirrups? 
Pretty dang durable. Below you will see a pair of stirrups we did for our sponsored rider that we made 3 years. This is with everyday use. Stirrups are made with the grittiest rider in mind.

There looks like there is something around my stirrup's edges? 

This is protectant to keep your stirrups durable and water resistant. It's supposed to be there! 

Can you design used stirrups? 

Yes we sure can! They must be aluminum and sent to us clean. We design used stirrups for $45 usd. Please email us at desertroseequine@gmail.com to order.


How is your tack made? 

That is a great question! While we wont give away all of our secrets, I will do my best to explain the basics. Most of our leather pieces are double ply.  We typically use 8/9 oz leather with a 5/6 oz liner. We use herman oak, bridle leather and latigo. Our designed leather is also sealed and protected. 

How durable are your wear leathers? 

They stay up great, in fact they hold up way better then leather paints. We will tell you that it is normal for any cinch areas to wear more then any areas of the pad. This is common is any pad, designed or not. 

Is there any warranty on leatherwork? 

Yes there is a one year warranty for manufacture error. Normal wear and tear with riding is not included with this warranty.  


Do you offer sponsorship's? 

At this time we no longer have open applications. We've decided to take a new route and contact potential endorses on our own behalf for sponsorship. 

Do you offer discounts? 

Yes we do! We do discounts based on quantity. Please contact us today for a quote. 

Can you customize your tack items? 

We can, but have very limited spots. Cara the owner and graphic designer books months in advance. With everything being handcrafted and being only at times a one person shop, design time is limited. 

Why is your tack so expensive? 

Our tack is hand crafted and created in the USA. Designing items can take hours of work time. Our designed hides are exceptional because they're not available to any other tack maker. 

Do you re-sell custom designs? 

Any design created by us is protected under our copyright. This means the design belongs to us, not the buyer. While we can resell the the design, we like to wait 6 months to a year. (this is for our 'boss mare packages'). 

How do you ship? 

We typically use USPS priority mail. Occasionally we will also use UPS. All pads are shipped with UPS. 
For more detailed information on our policies please visit our refund/return policy and Terms of Service