Tack Calendar

All dates are ESTIMATED! Please read tabs below.

[For better viewing, we recommend you use this calendar on your desktop. If your viewing this on your phone or tablet, click on the date/dot to see order numbers]


Why has my date changed?

Any turnaround time or calendar date is just a estimate. Since I (Cara) am the only one working on leatherwork at the moment, I have to carefully schedule in time to work on each set. Since these are all handcrafted and customized, they take a lot of work and creative energy. Things happen… I get sick, personal issues, supply backorders, machine repairs, etc. I have a family and also need time to recharge. This is why I created this calendar so that each of you can keep tabs on where your order is.

I try my VERY best to get each any every leather item out as fast as I can. Believe me they’re worth the wait! If you’re unhappy with the waitlist, I can certainly offer you a refund. Please contact me at desertroseequine@gmail.com

How updated is this calendar?

Usually on Sunday nights I plan out my work week and prep leather.If somethings changes on a specific day, I will do my best to update the calendar within 1 business day.

What does the date assigned to me mean? Does it mean shipment?

It is the date planned for working on your order and if everything goes good, completing it. Shipment depends on many factors, but expect it to ship very soon.

How long does it take to build my set?

This is a pretty complicated question. It depends on what you have added to your set! Fringe, rhinestones and spots add on to the time. Each set is handcrafted and has hours of work into each one. Leatherwork is a multi-step process. Some steps take longer then others and needs to be completed in a specific order to move onto the next step. Edges need to set overnight, glue needs to cure and dye needs time to dry. For quality reasons, certain steps just can't be rushed. 

How do you build your wait list/que?

The wait list is built upon who has paid for their order first. While you wait, we’re simply building other clients sets who have paid before you.

Note: we do capture/charge payments the day you order. This is in insure your spot on the que and to get all your supplies ready. It also protects Desert Rose, because nothing is worse then putting effort into a set and have a nonpayment.

Can I move my order up to the beginning of the list?

No. We like to keep things fair :) If your ordering for a special date, please let us know and be sure to give us plenty of time. We can't offer guarantees, but I will do my very best.