Team Desert Rose

We're always looking to add to our team, but please review all the details below before you submit an interest form.  

We seek out endorsed riders on our own behalf.  We will contact you if we're interested! We appreciate each and every one of you. Please remember that our team riders are like family to us, so we really take our time on deciding any new additions. 


Things we look for: 

- Engagement with us.

- We prefer someone who already enjoys our products or has at least used them in the past. [Note: not required to own DRE tack but this is taken into consideration.]

- Someone who is a positive influence in the riding community. 

-Someone who isn't sponsored by another tack and/or stirrup company. [note: if you're already in contract with another company that sells leather goods (tack sets/pads), we can still offer a stirrup only sponsorship. ]


What you get from us: 

- Social Media Team: You will receive products from us!

We're looking for someone who really fits our vibe. Good pictures and stunning content is a plus!  Also, someone with great engagement with their followers. 

- Pro Team: Products and/or monetary. SERIOUS submissions only.

[Note: All team riders are required to complete a contract out of protection for DRE & the team rider]